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UCCS Aging Center


The Aging Center is the only mental health clinic in the Pikes Peak region exclusively serving older adults, their families and their caregivers, specifically those with few resources. We assist by advancing the resiliency of caregivers and navigating late-life psychosocial challenges with diagnostic assessments. We offer treatments for memory, depression, anxiety and many other difficulties that make it harder to age well.


Aging happens to all of us. Described as a “hidden gem”, the Aging Center is the only region’s mental health clinic with a nationally recognized geropsychology training program. By 2030, the U.S. will need 5,790 more geropsychologists to meet the needs of its older adults (65+ years old). Research shows the psychologist workforce is insufficiently prepared to address the future health needs of older adults(APA 2021).


The UCCS Aging Center in-kind needs are office supplies, brochure printing, printer toner, desktop printer, and a new laptop.

Did You Know

By 2030, Colorado is expected to have a 115,000-person family caregiver gap due to projections showing those needing care growing faster than those providing support.

“I feel better about my caregiving to my wife...I feel stronger and well informed.” — Anonymous client seeking care at our clinic.

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