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How to Donate


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When the campaign launches November 1st, the first step is to become familiar with our 63 vital and innovative local nonprofits. We’ve made it easy to find your favorites, letting you browse by category or search for a specific organization. Donate immediately or save favorites for later.
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In addition to helping out your favorite organizations, we encourage everyone to find at least one nonprofit you’ve never heard of to donate to. Throughout the campaign we’ll introduce you to this year's class including some of the little-known nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region on our homepage.
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Donate & share

Choose donation amounts for the nonprofits of your choice (minimum $10). You can donate different amounts to different organizations. We’ll keep track of your total contributions and you’ll be able to review before donating. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your chosen nonprofits will immediately be notified of your gift, and you’ll have the chance to encourage your friends to get in on the fun by sharing with your favorite social media platform including Facebook and Twitter.
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Collect rewards

While giving is and should be its own reward, local businesses wanting to support Give! and our local nonprofits provide a selection of cool gifts at no cost to Give!, as a special and unique THANK YOU to you for your donation. The more money you donate, the more rewards you get. Young donors who give $10 or more are eligible for their own unique rewards.
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