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TESSA supports healing for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (DVSA) in the Pikes Peak region. Services include our Safehouse program, 24/7 Safe Line, confidential advocacy, counseling, legal and housing aid, youth and children’s programming, as well as community outreach and educational resources. Through these programs and services, TESSA strives to realize our vision of a community free of violence.


More than 10 million women and men are impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault each year, including physical, mental, and sexual and reproductive health effects. Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault are at higher risk for developing addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Children who are witness to domestic violence are 15 times more likely to be perpetrators or victims of domestic violence.


Donations to TESSA support the broad and significant range of services provided at no charge to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking.

Did You Know

The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $8.3 billion annually.

“I was introduced to TESSA and was instantly set up with an advocate who was able to help me from the start, listened to what I was going through, supported me, encouraged me, and gave me the strength I needed to move forward.” — Anonymous client in 2022

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