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Teller Senior Coalition


The Teller Senior Coalition allow seniors to age in place and maintain a good quality of life. TSC provides door-to-door transportation, case management problem solving, nutrition resources, homemaker services, emergency heating assistance, telephone check- ins, safety-related handyman repairs and social activities for seniors, as well as support for caregivers.


TSC serves as a lifeline for older adults in Teller County. Without our services, older adults may not have transportation to important medical appointments, sufficient food, or safe homes to live in. Without us, caregivers would be overwhelmed caring for loved ones and seniors would have limited options for help with financial or health issues. Because many seniors live alone without family nearby, TSC often becomes their family.


Volunteers to deliver food and provide handyman services.

Did You Know

Almost 50% of the seniors we assist have an income below Federal Poverty Guidelines.

“To all the Angel Helpers at the Coalition who reach out to us in so many ways- telephone, transportation, food packages, homemaker and respite caregiver hours, and activities- thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Client with health issues caring for a loved one

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