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Pikes Peak Bulletin


The Bulletin is a community-powered, nonprofit media source for Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City and Ute Pass. A healthy democracy depends on a vibrant, independent press. We are part of a “new ecosystem of independent and interconnected news media, a mix of nonprofit and for-profit that each serves a distinct audience but works in consortium with others at the local, state and national levels.” (Sue Cross, INN)


Small town papers are folding across the country, leaving readers without basic information needed to build vibrant communities. Declines in journalism directly contribute to a litany of problems, including a less informed public, reduced accountability for elected officials, lower voter participation, increased polarization and a population that’s potentially more susceptible to propaganda/information manipulation.


Local volunteer journalists and photographers, a volunteer development coordinator, a volunteer digital media specialist and donated laptops.

Did You Know

Manitou Springs has had a newspaper since the 1880s.

“What I really like about the Bulletin is that you feel you are truly a part of something when you read it. That, no matter our disagreements, we can always come together as a community, and the Pikes Peak Bulletin helped to connect us.” — Chris Briggs-Hale

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