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Inside Out Youth Services


Inside Out Youth Services serves LGBTQIA2+ young people, ages 13-24, in the Tava (Pikes Peak) region. At the Inside Out community center, youth can access resources, evidence-based programs led by trained and trusted adults, and participate in leadership and social opportunities. Outside the center, we train adults to create affirming spaces throughout the region, and advocate for inclusive policy.


Young people thrive when they are accepted and affirmed for exactly who they are. As their identities become further politicized and their network of trusted adults thins, LGBTQIA2+ young people need and deserve spaces where they can exist without fear or judgement, where they can reach their full potential. As the only organization in the region dedicated to these youth, we are committed to their safety and growth.


Board members with experience in finances, a new transport van, media sponsors, outreach and advocacy volunteers, volunteers with clinical/mental health experience.

Did You Know

80% of IOYS youth program participants indicate strength in coping skills and resilience after participation in programs.

“Without Inside Out, I wouldn't have been able to find myself; I would have been pretty miserable. And without Inside Out I wouldn't have met all these amazing people. This is a good place to be."” — Josie (17, they/them)

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