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Happy Cats Haven


Thousands of homeless cats and kittens call the Pikes Peak region home. They have been surrendered by families no longer able to care for them, or abandoned outside, even though they are ill-equipped to handle life on the streets as a community cat. Our goal is to be a solution for feline homelessness by rescuing felines, finding them forever homes, providing community resources and education their human counterparts, and facilitating spays/neuters for both inside and outside cats.


We support Colorado cats and the communities that love them. Through our unique Onsite Behavior Team, we give traumatized cats the time necessary to recover their true selves and match with their forever families. Once adopted, we support all our Happy Cats family by offering classes and online resources. Cats can live 15-20 years and we help provide them, and their families, support for the entirety of their lives.


Volunteers to foster cats & kittens, perform adoptions & help clean; office/cleaning supplies, cat food & litter through Amazon/Costco gift cards; outdoor storage options via Lowe’s gift cards.

Did You Know

In 2022, 45% of our cats came from hardship surrenders caused by inflation of cost of care & housing. Inflation has also negatively affected our organization as the costs of veterinary care has increased by 41%.

“The people that work and volunteer here really know and love cats. The cats are very well taken care of. I have only encountered happy cats & kittens here.” — Shell Rinard

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