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Give! Campaign 2024 Nonprofit Onboard

  • Please reach out to us via email ( or call us (702-900-4483) if you have any issues with this submission form..

    As soon as you begin your submission we recommend you do a “Save and Continue” so you have the link in case technology goes awry. Do this frequently. You may save your draft each time you enter more information and return to edit it. If you don’t see your updates when you go to your “save and continue link” then clear your cache on your browser and go to the link again. PLEASE NOTE: attached files do not save so wait until you are ready to submit before attaching them, otherwise you will have to re-attach them when you go back to your saved version. After you click “Save and Continue Later” at the bottom of this page, copy the unique link provided. You may enter an email address to send the link to, but some email services filter out auto-generated email as spam, so do not rely on emailing link – copy and paste it somewhere. If you lose the link, it cannot be recovered and you will need to start again. Once you click “Submit” you will not be able to edit your submission. For reference, you may print the submission. PDF of submission here for easy printing: Give! Submission to Print. Use the character counts to draft it, then type in your responses to the form and submit when all elements are complete. (Please note that applications must be submitted online via this form in order to be eligible for consideration.)


    1. Please add AND to your email contacts/address book and be sure to check your spam folder so you don’t miss any important updates from the Give! team.
    2. Review “INSTRUCTIONS FOR EDITING YOUR SUBMISSION FORM” in the blue box above. Again, be SURE to save the link provided at the bottom of the page after you click “save and continue.”
    3. All fields with an *asterisk must be completed.
    4. Wait until you are ready to submit before attaching documents for upload. Good luck!

    Character Count and Punctuation Issues

    Each field in this online submission form includes a specific amount of space for your responses (the “character count”). In some circumstances, the form may appear to allow more space for additional text, but when you press Submit, if you are over the character count of a field, you may receive a notice you are over the character count. In this case, please edit/shorten your response. This may be avoided by drafting your responses slightly under the character counts allowed.

    NOTE: This may be due to the slightly different ways the online form reads your text and punctuation, e.g. the way in which hyphens are counted, long dashes, numbers, $ signs, or commas. You may get a different character count on this form than in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. We recommend testing your text using “character count” rather than “word count” and to try staying slightly below the number of characters noted on each field. Please be patient and cut/edit as necessary. If you get stuck, we can help.

    Technical Challenges?

    Contact us at or call (702) 900-4483. Thank you!


  • Organization Name

  • Your “common” name by which you are known and prefer to be listed publicly, and on the Give! website. Include your full name, no acronyms please. Only include “The” if it is officially part of your name.
  • Provide an acronym, initials or short organization name. (For previous Give! nonprofits: you may use your short link from previous campaigns. THIS WILL BE USED AS YOUR SHORTLINK FOR YOUR DONATION WEB PROFILE: i.e.

  • Organization’s Contact Information

  • To be published on website for the public.


  • To whom should we direct questions and notification regarding this submission?


  • Please enter the email address to which daily donation reports should be sent during the campaign (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31).
  • You may enter a second email address to which daily donation reports can be sent during the campaign.

  • What

    Imagine you are in an elevator with a prospective donor. You have 30 seconds to explain what your organization is about, and what it does. Be succinct and memorable, focusing on the benefits you provide to communities in Colorado Springs. This is the only text that will be printed in the Give! Guide insert, so make it complete.
  • You may write a slightly longer version for the website or paste the shorter version here.

  • Why

    People give with their hearts, not their calculators. Focus on why your mission matters, with secondary emphasis on what differentiates you from other organizations providing similar services, or what makes your approach especially effective or unique.

  • Needs

    Please focus on volunteer and in-kind needs that will be valid as of Nov. 1, 2024. Be as specific as possible, e.g. a treasurer for our board, someone to teach basic carpentry, a new 800 SF roof for our barn, a color photocopier, etc. Write this as a sentence with serial commas, not a bullet point list.

  • Did You Know?

    Please provide a succinct statistic or data point that illustrates how your organization makes a difference. The ideal factoid would make a potential donor say, “Gee whiz! I didn’t know that.” For example: “One out of every five El Paso County women has been the victim of sexual assault” or “XX percent of the at-risk kids who participate in our 7-12th grade program continue on to college.”

  • Testimonial

    Please provide a quotation from someone who has benefited from your services or can speak specifically to their impact. (PLEASE, DO NOT INCLUDE QUOTATION MARKS)
  • Do not use quotation marks – we’ll add them later.
  • If anonymous, please describe who it is. For example, “Anonymous teen who stayed at our shelter in 2024.”


    Please provide the video and social media links you want included on your profile page. They must be publicly available.
  • Enter the public link for a video you want imbedded to your online profile. Please use YOUTUBE OR VIMEO, only. (Please use shareable links from youtube)
  • Best thing to do is open the website in your browser and cut and paste the url here.
  • Please leave blank if you do not have a link
  • Please leave blank if you don’t have one
  • Leave blank if you don’t have one
  • Please select YouTube or Vimeo. Leave blank if you don’t have one or don’t want to share on your public profile.
  • Leave blank if you don’t have one
  • Leave blank if you don’t have one

  • Category Preference

    Every Give! participating organization is placed into a category. For donors, categories make the number of participants more digestible and help them discover new-to-them organizations impacting community issues they care about. We have 11 categories to choose from. You can help us by indicating which three of the following would best reflect the focus of your organization, ranking them in order of preference. Final discretion for category placement rests with the Give! team in order to best fit the needs of all participants. Your final placement will be determined by factors that include adhering to marketing strategy, creating even distribution and ensuring a level playing field for category-specific competitions. That said, your preferences are the most heavily weighted factor in determining your organization’s category. For examples of how category designations are used, take a look at the 2022 Give! Guide.

  • Images & Logo

    NONPROFITS MUST SUBMIT YOUR HIGH RESOLUTION LOGO AND TWO (2) PICTURES THAT SPEAK TO YOUR MISSION. These images will be used for promotional purposes during the campaign and may be used in the Give! Guide, at, on Give! social media, or as part of our media partners’ features on your organization.

    Images should convey your work in some way. Good photos include: close-ups of faces, happy people, showing what your organization is doing, who you are helping. Photos to avoid: group photos of staff, photos without people, photos with watermarks or logos superimposed on the image.

    Here’s a handy GUIDE TO IMAGES to help you.

    Final photo selection is at discretion of Give! staff and design consultants.

    **If your submitted images do not follow the image guide provided and file type & size outlined, you will be asked to resubmit images that do.

    • All image files must be 300 dpi or higher at actual size (actual size should be 2 MB or larger).
    • Acceptable file formats for feature image: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. For logo file you may also upload jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ai, eps, or pdf.
    • For the two (2) photos, orientation must be horizontal (landscape), not vertical (portrait).

    Copyright: You must own the rights to these photos (or have a signed agreement with the photographer to use them) and have signed releases for minors, as these images may be printed in the Colorado Springs Independent, other publications, and/or placed on the website. By uploading the image(s) you are confirming you have the rights to use and publish these photos, and releases for minors. Please note, however, that no photo credit is given to the photographer.

  • Your Give! Campaign Images

  • Please upload a logo file image to be used for your WEBSITE PROFILE.
    Allowed file types are: jpg, jpeg, png

    NOTE: File uploads are lost on “save and continue” so we advise you upload files last, just before submitting.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, Max. file size: 128 MB.

  • Please upload a high resolution file of your logo that will look crisp in print. EPS is preferred.
    Allowed file times are: jpg, jpeg, png, ai, eps, pdf

    NOTE: File uploads are lost on “save and continue” so we advise you upload files last, just before submitting.
    Accepted file types: eps, jpg, jpeg, png, ai, pdf, Max. file size: 128 MB.

  • Upload your first choice/favorite images for use in your online profile. HORIZONTAL/LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION is ideal at 1200 pixels wide.
    Allowed file types are: jpg, jpeg, png
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB.

  • Upload your second choice of image for use in your online profile. (Only 1 will be selected.) HORIZONTAL ORIENTAITION is ideal at 1200 pixels wide.

    Allowed file types are: jpg, jpeg, png
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB.

  • Other Thoughts

    Is there anything else you would like to add, or have a special note for us or feedback?
  • That’s it! Please Note:

    When you click “submit” below you should receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter, containing your submission responses. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Add AND to your email contacts/address book to improve chances of delivery.

    The submit process may take several seconds, depending on attached file sizes. Please be patient! You should see a confirmation screen when the process completes.

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