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Welcome Give! Class of 2020 - 78 Causes Worthy of Your Support

Give! will feature 78 local nonprofits this year making a vital impact in the Pikes Peak region. They will be featured in our 12th annual campaign launching November 1st, 2020.

Vetted by a broad based community review committee, these groups are serving vital needs with a clear and convincing impact. You can also trust that Give! groups are inclusive and do not discriminate. We certify that.

As our community and the world wrestles more openly with combating racial injustice, we are proud to include organizations serving those impacted, including (but not limited to):

  • Educating Children of Color
  • Voces Unidas for Justice
  • Blackpackers
  • Hillside Connections
  • Colorado Immigrant Assistants

You'll find so many more groups addressing these and other community needs! See the whole list here. Download PDF here.

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Meanwhile this summer, don't forget to check out and share our home page where you can connect with last year's Give! groups, highlighting those providing COVID relief to those in need. Click below.

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