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Black Lives Matter

We join our community and the world in grieving for the life of George Floyd and so many victims of racism. We add our voice, and share this on behalf of the Give! Campaign's board of directors:

It is past time for all people and organizations of good conscience to speak up and to act, to not only acknowledge the pervasive racism, injustice and violence suffered by our black neighbors, brothers and sisters, but to join the fight to dismantle it. We cannot profess to value equal opportunity if we remain silent or fail to act.

While we acknowledge this is long overdue, at the Give! Campaign we commit to dig deeper and actively fight for change. We commit to listening and learning to understand our own personal and organizational roles in perpetuating racism and inequality. We commit to grow our understanding and to actively take on anti-oppression work for ourselves as individuals and as an organization.

We echo these words from Renny Fagan of Colorado Nonprofit Association. “A year from now, five years from now, a generation from now, we want to be able to look back on 2020 as the tipping point for radical change because enough is enough, and silence was never an appropriate response.

Together, let us commit to propelling the revolution and ending systemic racism because Black Lives Matter.”

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