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Tri-Lakes Cares


Located in the heart of downtown Monument, we are empowering families and individuals to reach toward a better tomorrow. We are the only comprehensive human services organization providing wrap-around services in northern El Paso County to low-income households. With a client-centered and individually tailored approach, we help clients gain greater stability based on each individual’s unique situation.


Every day hard decisions are made by our neighbors. Risk eviction or buy food? Keep the heat and lights on or get medical care? Repair the car or lose a job? These are the difficult choices made every day by individuals, senior citizens, and families who live in an affluent area with a high cost of living. We are their safety-net and source of hope and compassion, helping to provide answers to difficult choices.


Photography and video services, freezer, refrigerator, non-perishable food, hygiene items and household cleaning products for pantry, gardening expert

Did You Know

9.6% of the population in El Paso County is living in poverty (Source: US Census Bureau, July 2022)

“Tri-Lakes Cares actually cares about the welfare of their fellow human beings and does so without judgement. Words cannot express how grateful we are for finding this exceptional organization.” — Anonymous individual who received services in 2022.

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