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Sustainable Educational Experience on the Shire at Old Ranch


Sustainable Educational Experience (SEE) seeks to empower environmental stewardship and community resilience through hands-on learning experiences related to: regenerative food systems, local ecology, homesteading, artisanship, and wellness. SEE reconnects people with the natural world through ongoing education and events, volunteer stewardship, and donations-based self-harvests in our community garden.


In the face of climate change and increased demand for natural resources, society faces challenges of uncertainty: maintaining abundant food and water, dependence on pollutive energy sources, and social deterioration. We can shape a sustainable future of self-sufficiency, conscious living, and community resilience by cultivating skills that reconnect people with the land and each other.


Support operational funding needs including salaries and hourly pay for essential staffing, program and marketing costs, and site improvements such as garden expansion, a food forest, and livestock.

Did You Know

Children are disconnected from their food more than ever and many think their fruits and vegetables were made in a factory. We are changing this narrative.

“I love being in the garden and every time I leave, I always feel happier and more in touch with our earth. Volunteering or attending a class, I always feel like I have learned something new and marvel at all that there is left to learn.” — Kelsey Tetmeyer

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