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At StableStrides, we provide health and healing through horses via our mental health, adaptive riding, physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Every day, we get to hear children develop language skills they may not have had otherwise. We get to be a part of a soldier letting go of the trauma of war. We get to see lives saved and new hopes and dreams made as individuals regain their sense of self.


Because of StableStrides, people who would not otherwise seek therapy services do so. People with physical disabilities gain the ability to move their bodies in new ways. Children with sensory disorders find inner balance and calm. StableStrides’ clients report a higher engagement with this process than in a normal therapy setting. Ultimately, StableStrides clients gain the skills and abilities needed to thrive.


Permanent home for operations, resources to expand the herd of horses in order to serve more clients, and volunteers to grow and diversify our Board of Directors.

Did You Know

96% of our clients reported services received positively impacted their overall wellness. StableStrides serves over 750 clients in nearly 5,500 sessions annually.

“I have a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. I may not be able to use my legs but through riding, I feel like I can walk again. ” — Brittany B.

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