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Safe Place for Pets


Safe Place for Pets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps people who are terminally ill, and their families, by finding homes for their pets. We were founded 27 years ago by a group of hospice nurses who saw firsthand the pain of not knowing what will happen to your best 4-legged friend when the end of life is approaching.


Safe Place is 99% volunteer-run and places as many as 50 dogs and cats each year, helping a lot of families through a hard time, and a lot of pets who may be leaving the only home they have ever known. We raise funds to care for pets, to meet medical/dental needs, and to nurture while they heal from the trauma of separation. When a pet is ready, we assess adopters to be sure they can provide a healthy environment.


The charity was forced to relocate end of June. Our new home needs renovation and has significantly increased our rent expense. Funds are critical to ensure the charity can continue to serve people and pets!

Did You Know

100,000 – 500,000 pets are orphaned every year when their owners pass away or become too ill to care for their pets.

“The peace of mind I have knowing Safe Place will find the perfect family for my pet is so comforting.” — Madeline, a terminally ill pet owner

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