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Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.


Our goal is to create a social network for volunteers in Colorado Springs and Pueblo to help at-risk veterans out of social isolation. PHW uses small-group and 1-on-1 interactions and combines those with fly fishing and related activities. The loss of social network and bonds from the military is difficult. PHW provides constructive activities and a caring social network of fellow disabled veterans.


When a veteran doesn’t have a social network, they feel lonely or isolated, without someone to call when life is difficult. Because loneliness and isolation create chronic stress, they often become a suicide risk. Everyone needs good, quality relationships because they allow us to thrive.


Equipment needs include items such as fly vises, tools and materials; fly rods, reels, and lines; waders, and boots. We use this equipment to keep our veteran participants engaged. We are also looking for means and locations to make day trips.

Did You Know

The Colorado Springs PHW program is the largest in the United States serving over 400 disabled military heroes.

“I look forward to these events as a way to help me work on focusing and being useful. If not for you all in this particular program, I know I would have been a casualty and a listing in the '22/day.' Life has so much more meaning for me now.” — Anonymous Veteran Participant, PHWFF Colorado Springs

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