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Porchlight Friends


Porchlight Friends was born out of the needs of three groups: older adults wanting to remain independent at home, families that struggle to support them, and people looking for ways to connect with and support their communities. Porchlight Friends tackles all three of those components by utilizing community volunteers to support the needs of the older population and their family members. Porchlight Friends companions assist with projects in the home, light housework, and transportation for errands or doctor appointments. Clients also enjoy connection to family and friends, as well as community resources, using the Porchlight Health technology platform. We combine in-person companionship with supported use of the technology so even the most digitally challenged adults can stay connected.


Porchlight Friends believes it’s a basic human right to have connection to family, friends, and community. So many of our older community members are experiencing loneliness and isolation. Porchlight Friends exists to bring connection to older adults through face-to-face interactions, access to community resources and a digital voice through modern, in-home technology.


We’re asking for funds to provide no-cost services for low-income and at-risk seniors. The Porchlight Friends services are currently private pay, which is not feasible for every adult.

Did You Know

25% of adults 65 and over in the US are considered socially isolated. Social isolation is associated with a 50% increased risk of serious medical conditions.

“I was in need of household help on a basic level, as well as to unpack into my new home. I was immediately impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that I received from Kelly and the Porchlight Friends services.” — Belle, current Porchlight Friends client

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