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Mustang Ambassador Program


The Mustang Ambassador Program (MAP) teaches life and leadership skills to Colorado Springs area youth through equine assisted learning with our trained mustangs and dedicated, educational professionals to promote self-awareness, self-confidence and self-direction. The programming strives to grow youths’ skills in the areas of
responsibility, communication, relationships, problem-solving and resilience.


Our children and adolescents benefit from a safe, positive, supportive, and engaging environment that provides
life-lessons and leadership skills that will help them successfully navigate the challenges of growing up.
Equine assisted learning provides experiential learning for students to gain important practice for
their own self-awareness, personal growth, and self-esteem, in addition to horsemanship skills.


MAP can always benefit from volunteers that can help with ranch chores and in-kind donations of hay/feed, tack, and training equipment such as lead ropes, rope halters and friendly sticks.

Did You Know

MAP combats “nature deficit disorder” which results in diminished use of senses, attention difficulties & results in
higher rates of physical and emotional issues.

“The week my daughter spent at MAP was pivotal in her 13 year-old life. The instructors are thoughtful in their feedback and encourage the students to learn new things even if it is hard. The MAP ranch is a special place with some VERY special horses.” — Wessley G., 2022 program participants mom.

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