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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center


Mt. Carmel provides comprehensive support for Military, Veterans and their Families. We collaborate to bridge gaps in available community services without duplicating programs. Our core direct services include: Employment and Transition Services, Behavioral Health and Wellness Support, and Military, Veteran and Family Services. We provide advocacy, support and resources to ensure positive outcomes.


We are helping Military and Veteran Families overcome their challenges so they can thrive. Employment and transition programs ensure progress toward stable living and workforce reintegration to in-demand careers. Behavioral Health and Wellness focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit through clinical support and alternative therapies. Supportive Services offer a hand-up to the most vulnerable veteran families.


Mt. Carmel is in need of a secure, expanded storage space to store dry food items for our food pantry, as well as a large chest freezer and refrigerator for perishables.

Did You Know

Approximately 25% of the local community is military-connected. Mt. Carmel’s comprehensive support and resources are available to all of these individuals.

“I would not be in a good position currently if it was not for the help I received at Mt. Carmel. They helped me find funding so my service dog, Zuko, could have critical surgery. Today, Zoko is back to work and back to play. Thank you, Mt. Carmel!” — Cody Smock

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