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Mission Medical Center


Mission Medical Center provides free medical care to uninsured or underinsured, low-income adults. We rely on volunteers and donations to provide comprehensive care for mind, body, and spirit. We provide primary care services along with specialty care, dental services, vision exams and free glasses, mental heath and spiritual care, over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as durable medical equipment exchange.


There are thousands of people in our county that do not qualify for state health coverage but cannot afford private insurance. Most of these people believe this means they must go without care. Generally, by the time our patients find us, they are very sick. It is important that these patients receive high quality, evidence-based care and that our community begins to provide care to prevent these situations.


MMC wants to re-establish our behavioral health center to include free counseling services. Our 50 year old building is in need of repairs, we need technology updates, and we are looking to for an admin assistant.

Did You Know

65,000 people in El Paso County have no form of health insurance.

“I discovered MMC when I was at a very hard time in my life. God knew that I not only needed support medically but also emotionally and spiritually and Mission Medical has provided that for me time and time again. You all are a huge blessing from God!” — Mission Medical Center Patient 2023

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