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Look What the Cat Brought In


We take medically and socially needy cats for rehab, treatment and adoption. These are cats that need more time to become adoptable and therefore, may be at-risk of euthanasia. Our cats come from Colorado homes, rescue groups and other shelters. We accept otherwise unadoptable cats from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region so that cats who need more time to heal medically and socially can receive that chance while they are with us.


We specialize in adopting older cats, cats transferred from the HSPPR, medically-needy cats, cats from elderly clients and cats who don’t quite fit the guidelines for Safe Place for Pets. The need is so great that we could exactly duplicate the efforts of the other non-animal control cat organizations in the Pikes Peak region and still have cats whose needs are unmet.


We need medical, IT, and PR-savvy volunteers, as well as entry-level volunteers to aid in adoptions, fundraising events and marketing.

Did You Know

Over 50% of our adoptions involve bonded pairs of cats.

“We are grateful to have LWTCBI as a rescue partner because they have the space and the ability to provide cats what we sometimes can’t – the gift of time to adjust and become who they’re meant to be” — Ami Manivong Feline Population Coordinator

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