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Knob Hill Urban Arts District


KHUAD was founded in 2020 to promote and inspire street art along Platte Avenue, running through the unique Knob Hill neighborhood. KHUAD has erected 57 murals, with 120 more to go to achieve our goal of a mile-long street art gallery. KHUAD provides fiscal sponsorships, graffiti removal, public events, educational programing and artist mentorships free of charge to businesses we partner with.


KHUAD provides opportunities for professional and emerging artists to hone their skills, while simultaneously creating a unique space where art and businesses can thrive. By doing so, we are are turning a neglected area into a jewel the entire city can be proud of. Events like Black Lives Create, Poetry719 and BTS Culturefest provide opportunities to showcase and raise money for the underrepresented and the underprivileged in our community.


Event volunteers, mural sponsorships, gas-powered paint sprayer, graffiti removal pressure sprayer, supplies for volunteer artists, in-kind use of scaffolding and lifts, ladders, extension chords

Did You Know

By city ordinance graffiti must be removed at the property owners expense within 10 days, a burden many small businesses can not meet. Murals are a proven deterrent.

“After volunteering to paint a mural in Knob Hill, the owner of the building liked my work so much they paid me to paint the rest of their building. KHUAD promotes a safe place for Latinas like me to create art in my style without boundaries.” — Mel CK - Volunteer Mural artist

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