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Harley's Hope


Since 2010, Harley’s Hope has worked to keep Colorado pets and people together in order to preserve the human-animal bond. Why? Because we believe that pet adoption is only the first step, not the last, in what should be a lifelong journey. Sadly, it is a journey that is often cut short due to life’s challenges. More than 11,000 pets and service animals, and the people who love them, have been assisted since we began.


More than six million companion animals enter the shelter/rescue system every year, with close to a million euthanized because there are not enough homes for all who need them. Safety net organizations like Harley’s Hope work to keep adopted pets in their homes and prevent them from being returned to the shelter system or being euthanized for treatable conditions due to the owner being unable to afford major care.


HHF needs a few dedicated board members including a fundraiser, a veterinarian, and an attorney!

Did You Know

72% of people renting have companion animals yet struggle to find affordable housing, putting those pets at risk of losing their homes or lives.

“I was collapsing under the stress and shame of not being able to afford veterinary care for the ones that I love. When I reached out to your organization in desperation, I was met with exceptional kindness and generosity. All I can say is “thank you."” — Melissa who received help for her cat, Sabiya

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