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Food to Power


We are working to cultivate a healthy and equitable food system here in Colorado Springs! We primarily focus on fresh food, whether it growing it through our urban farm & composting, helping people access it through our free fresh food grocery programs, or teaching and educating people on how to utilize fresh food through youth and adult education. All of this takes place at our home base, the newly-opened Hillside Hub.


Instead of just meeting short-term food insecurity needs through free food handouts, Food to Power is working to address the reasons to why people stand in free food lines in the first place. Food and diet are a major contributor to one’s health. In our city, there is a 16 year difference in life expectancy depending on the neighborhood in which you were born. In addition to addressing this inequity, we are working to better the environment that we use to access fresh food for our community.


We are in need of volunteers to help work and cultivate our urban farm, volunteers to recover fresh food from food distributors, and native plants to cultivate the ecosystem at the Hillside Hub!

Did You Know

1 out of every 6 Americans is food insecure. In 2021, households in the United States threw away over 206 billion pounds of food. Imagine how many people that could feed!

“I really appreciate [Food to Power] giving out this food to us all. You know it's hard to get this type of food in this community, what with the stores being so far away. Now I can cook what I wanna cook, because I have all this.” — Anonymous neighbor receiving free groceries in 2022

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