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Elite Equine Rescue


EER was founded to provide rehabilitation, re-homing and aftercare to equine athletes that are in jeopardy of being discarded, neglected or even abused. We strive to meet the rehab needs of our rescues, evaluate training level and personality traits and determine long-term general care needs for each horse. Then, we pair them with an individual that matches each horse’s needs.


Most of the horses arriving at slaughter pens are deemed to be in good condition. Due to changes in the economy and higher cost of living, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for horse owners to care for and treat their equine companions. We strive to give horse owners an option when it comes to rehabilitative care and a long life.


EER would appreciate round pen footing to improve our ability to evaluate new intakes, crushed asphalt/concrete, support for our hay fund, and a Treasurer or Accounting specialist.

Did You Know

EER has a 98% rehab and rehoming rate amongst our intakes. We strive to give every one of our horses a chance for a new beginning.

“I definitely have a lot of work to do, but I am very pleased overall with Jovi's first show off the track. He is something special. Thank you for all of the support, rehab and beautiful facility to give this guy a second career.” — L. Ross

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