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Cripple Creek Donkeys


Since 1931 when the Two Mile High Club was founded, this group of all volunteers provides complete health and welfare care for the Cripple Creek Donkeys. The volunteers ensure that food, vet care, and shelter are provided for the herd 365 days a year. As a 100% donation-based club, we raise money all year by sharing the history that these “beasts of burden” provided in building the Pikes Peak Region.


This club exists only by donations. Every penny we raise goes directly into a health and welfare fund for the herd. The donkeys need care 365 days a year and, in some cases, 24 hours a day. Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the donkeys are cared for. The Pikes Peak region was built using donkeys who deserve that recognition and celebration.


We have a three year plan to raise money for a new shelter in the way of a metal pole barn. We are looking at a 2400 square foot building to replace our wood barn that is no longer adequate.

Did You Know

Donkeys were of critical importance to not only mining in Cripple Creek, but they helped build the Pikes Peak Highway and Ute Pass, which we now know as Hwy 24.

“Your volunteers helped our summer group understand why taking care of the donkeys is so important to your history. Not only did we learn so much about the contribution to local history, we had so much fun feeding and petting them. Thank you!” — Nicole Gandy - Summer Camp Guide - Cypress Texas

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