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Citizens Project


For over 30 years, Citizens Project has been spotlighting issues and mobilizing community members towards a positive impact. With a focus on equity, inclusion, civic engagement, and social justice, our goal has always been to ensure that rights and freedoms are upheld, and that community members have the resources needed to make their voices heard.


At Citizens Project, we understand the seriousness of the consequences that come from a lack of equity and inclusiveness, and we are dedicated to empowering individuals within the community to address these issues. By ensuring that community members are represented in the decisions being made on their behalf, we are building the community we want to see in Colorado Springs.


Board treasurer, volunteers for phone banking, door knocking, and getting out the vote

Did You Know

In the last general city election, only 1 in 3 registered voters cast a ballot, and voters of color were half as likely to vote as white voters.

“Through advocacy and education, Citizens Project has empowered diverse community organizations by amplifying their voices and promoting equitable representation. Their work helps to create a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse city.” — Naomi Campbell

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