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Careers In Construction Colorado


We believe construction and skilled trades are representative of excellent and meaningful career opportunities for students in Colorado. Students deserve choices for a sustainable and rewarding career, and the industry deserves a skilled workforce. Students participating in the CICC program can earn certificates recognized by the US Department of Labor, internships, and career pathways right out of high school.


True construction trades have been absent from the high schools over the last 30 years. Students have not had the opportunity to learn practical life skills such as basic construction safety, carpentry, plumbing, or electrical. In Colorado, over 60% of high school students do not go on to college or fail to graduate from college. CICC prepares students for a multitude of career pathways directly after high school.


Careers In Construction Colorado needs help spreading awareness to the multitude of opportunities available to students. Students deserve choices, and the industry deserves a workforce.

Did You Know

There are currently 175,000 individuals in the construction workforce in Colorado, and by 2027, the workforce needs to grow to 220,000 workers.

“Being a part of Careers in Construction has taught me a lot of skills that most students my age don't know. I feel confident when I start a hands-on project because of all of the experience I've received through this program!” — Careers In Construction Colorado student

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