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Bryson's Chase Foundation


It is the mission of Bryson’s Chase Foundation to raise funds for families with children in need of mental health care. We exist to help future generations build valuable coping mechanisms in order to avoid tragic and extreme alternatives such as substance abuse, criminal behavior, and suicide.


There is a greater need than ever before to provide valuable resources for families with kiddos who need mental healthcare treatments.


We need volunteers to serve on event committees, help to create a resource page on our website, a volunteer to manage our social media, and testimonials from people mental health has affected.

Did You Know

For all Colorado youth between the ages of 10 and 18, suicide has been identified as the leading cause of death in recent years.

“Because of your concert and the message you gave, my girlfriend admitted to us that she was struggling with suicide and we were able to get her help. We all went to high school during all the suicides at Discovery Canyon.” — Anonymous girl who attended our benefit concert

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