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Bakhita Mountain Home


Bakhita Mountain Home (BMH) operates a residence and program in Colorado Springs for adult women survivors of human trafficking. The program offers up to 2 years of rent-free housing where survivors are offered the opportunity to heal and grow individually while connecting to a supportive community. BMH provides trauma-informed wraparound care services, supportive counseling, with educational and economic support.


Healing from trauma, learning to trust, and building relationships and self-esteem takes time, requiring patience, support, and compassion. BMH strives to provide a safe and supportive space for survivors while working on healing and other personal goals. It offers an opportunity for women to explore future goals rather than focusing on immediate needs, thus promoting sustainable growth and change for survivors.


Website enhancement, social media engagement, marketing, fundraising support, development & finance committee volunteers, shopping and dining gift cards for residents, & survivor leaders.

Did You Know

64% of survivors had unstable housing at the time they were recruited into human trafficking. BMH has provided over 1,000 nights of a safe place since opening in 2022.

“Bakhita Mountain Home saved my life. It is a safe, supportive, and loving place for me to heal, learn, and grow. A place for me to move from being a survivor to being a thriver.” — Anonymous Resident of Bakhita Mountain Home

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