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Welcome Give! Class of 2021: 82 Nonprofits Worthy of Your Support


82 nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region have been chosen to participate in this year’s annual community-wide giving campaign 

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (June 17, 2021) -- After raising more than $1.6 million for 78 local nonprofits in 2020, the Give! Campaign has selected 83 nonprofits for the Class of 2021. Now in its 13th year, this annual year-end campaign helps raise awareness for nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region and makes it easy and fun for everyone to give back to causes they care about. 

Of the 82 nonprofits selected to participate this year, 18 are joining the Campaign for the first time, including Space Foundation, a space and science epicenter that enables visitors from all walks of life to engage and participate in the wonders of space through exhibits and immersive programs; and Two Mile High Club, a 100% volunteer-based organization that provides shelter, food and medical care for the Donkeys of Cripple Creek and shares the historic contribution of the donkeys in establishing the Pikes Peak region. A complete list of this year’s participating nonprofits is available here

“2020 was a year like no other and during the pandemic, our community showed up in droves to support the nonprofit community, ultimately raising more than $1.6 million for Give!,” says Lisa Amend James, Executive Director of the Give! Campaign. “During the 2020 Campaign, many of the participating organizations had to change their operating structures and work around the clock to provide desperately needed services and emergency relief for others in our community who were severely impacted.”

According to Amend James,  the 2020 Campaign raised more than $31,000 than the 2019 Campaign despite the pandemic. “This is a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to the many nonprofits who truly make up the backbone of the Pikes Peak region.” 

Since its inception in 2009, the Give! Campaign has raised more than $14.6 million for 230 local nonprofits, including $1.6 million in 2020. The Give! Campaign runs from November 1 through December 31 each year and encourages community members to learn about and connect with a wide variety of nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region. The Campaign provides networking opportunities, competitions, donor rewards and media exposure for participants and specializes in helping smaller and less well-known organizations raise awareness and unrestricted funds. Local nonprofits apply each year to participate in Give! and are carefully vetted by a panel of local community volunteers to ensure each is a solid investment for donors. The Campaign then provides valuable nonprofit skills training and exposure through TV, radio and print media partners.

The organizations selected to participate in the 2021 Campaign support veterans, the arts, health and human services, youth, the great outdoors, and animals, among others. Selected nonprofits will be featured in the annual Give! Guide, published in the Colorado Springs Independent, the Colorado Springs Business Journal, the Pikes Peak Bulletin and featured online at The campaign will launch on November 1, 2021 and will run through midnight on December 31, 2021. 


​Give! is a year-end philanthropic initiative that sparks philanthropy across generations and lifts our neighbors through the invaluable work of local nonprofits, the backbone of our thriving and diverse community. 

As a catalyst for change and growth, Give! specializes in raising awareness of smaller organizations whose messages need to be heard. Additionally, Give! builds future philanthropists by focusing on donors aged 36 and younger. 

Since its inception in 2009, Give! has enabled 230 local nonprofits to raise more than $14.6 million through more than 10,000 donations while helping these organizations access matching grants, media exposure and capacity-building training from local and regional experts. Give! is the nonprofit civic arm of the Colorado Publishing House and receives support from the Colorado Springs Independent, Colorado Springs Business Journal, the Southeast Express and the Pikes Peak Bulletin. To learn more, please visit

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