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It Is That Time Again; Apply to the 2023 Give! Campaign!

Applications go LIVE Friday, March 17th at!

WHO WE ARE | The Give! Campaign is a year-end fundraising campaign for local nonprofits in the Pikes Peak Region (defined as El Paso and Teller counties). We commit to connecting nonprofits to local donors in fun, fresh and innovative ways. Last year, we raised $1.2M for 74 local nonprofits and plan to raise even more money for returning and new nonprofits this year.

Review Participation Requirements and Opportunities here to ensure you qualify.

WHY YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE | The Give! Campaign seeks to inspire philanthropy in the Pikes Peak region by connecting and equipping local nonprofits to evidence-based, best practices in fundraising. We use our brand power to connect local nonprofits with local media partners who will share their stories and increase community exposure. We offer free training workshops, run by experts in their fields on how to succeed in the Give! Campaign and beyond as a nonprofit in the Pikes Peak Region. We also facilitate productive networking opportunities among local nonprofits who face similar obstacles.

Every year, thousands of local donors traffic our giving site to find worthy nonprofits to whom they share their year-end gifts. This year, make sure you are one of them!

Check out The Benefits of Participating in the Give! Campaign here.

HOW TO GET STARTED | Are you ready to join us on a year-long journey that ends with you harnessing the Give! brand to power your organization's mission? We will show you exactly what to do and when to do it in order to meet your fundraising goal in the 2023 Give! Campaign!

Look over the 2023 Give! Application Checklist to get a jumpstart!

WANT TO LEARN MORE? | RSVP to a free information session, offered both in-person and virtually! Questions? Drop us a line at (902) 700-4483 or email us at

RSVP to a FREE information session HERE.
Sign up for email updates on the application process HERE.

Applications go LIVE Friday, March 17th at!

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